Eviction fear for resident after 19 years on estate

St Michael's Gate, Parnwell. EMN-161025-173120009
St Michael's Gate, Parnwell. EMN-161025-173120009
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A St Michael’s Gate resident has put most of her belongings in storage as she fears she will be forced to leave her home any day.

The resident, who does not wish to be named, missed her deadline of Friday last week to find somewhere new to live.

Now fearing eviction, she has moved her bed and other belongings into storage and now sleeps on a two-seater sofa. And after 19 years at St Michael’s Gate she faces having to stay at her son or daughter’s house.

She said: “I think it’s an awful way to treat somebody who was born and bred in Peterborough, never claimed anything and always paid council tax.”

The resident said because she has moved from working full-time to part-time to help look after her granddaughter she cannot move into another privately rented accommodation.

She added: “You have to earn two-and-a-half times what the rent is. The first thing they ask you is ‘are you working full-time?’.”