Council told to have a lottery re-think

The lottery EMN-170102-175519009
The lottery EMN-170102-175519009
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City councillors have called on the Conservative administration to reconsider plans for a Peterborough Lottery.

The lottery is proposed to begin later this year with a maximum prize of £25,000 and 60 per cent of all proceeds going to good causes.

The plans were announced in the council’s budget proposals for 2017/18, but councillors are concerned about encouraging online gambling.

Aside from the lottery, members have made two further recommendations to the cabinet for it to consider.

One is to consider using the income from revenue received from parking permits “to improve traffic management conditions and road conditions for cyclists and pedestrians in the most deprived areas of the city where the parking schemes are in place.”

The other is to check whether the £600,000 expenditure on new Chromebook laptops for council staff can be found from a different budget, and if the £600,000 figure can be reduced.