Council leader tells Jeremy Corbyn to ‘get his facts right’ after comments to Peterborough Telegraph

Jeremy Corbyn in Peterborough. Photo: David Lowndes
Jeremy Corbyn in Peterborough. Photo: David Lowndes
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Jeremy Corbyn has been told to ‘get his facts right’ by the leader of Peterborough City Council.

Councillor John Holdich was responding to comments the Labour leader made to the Peterborough Telegraph after giving a speech in the city on Tuesday.

Asked about the evictions of 74 people from St Michael’s Gate by housing firm Stef & Philips, with the council then moving homeless people into the empty homes, Mr Corbyn said: “What they have done is sold off council housing to a private company, that surely cannot be the right thing to do. Council housing exists for the benefit of everybody.”

However, Stef & Philips bought the St Michael’s Gate homes from another private firm before leasing them to the council to use as temporary accommodation.

Cllr Holdich replied: “If Mr Corbyn chooses to comment on issues in the city it would be useful if he got his facts right.

“It’s therefore a shame that his team and supporters didn’t brief him properly and he mistakenly thought that the council was selling properties in St Michael’s Gate which is completely inaccurate.”