British cinema classic Kes winging its way to Stamford stage

Kes is coming to the stage at Stamford Corn Exchange
Kes is coming to the stage at Stamford Corn Exchange

One of the greatest ever British films is being brought to life in a local theatre later this year.

Based on the 1970 film Kes, the play of the same name is set to delight audiences at the Stamford Corn Exchange Theatre in October.

Castor-based founder of The Phoebe Research Fund Zoe Crowson and partner Coronation Street star Steven Arnold - who will star in the production -have set up a theatre production company (Psychotastic Productions) to put the play on .

Psychotastic Productions pledge that 25per cent of all profits go towards supporting The Phoebe Research Fund which directly makes a difference to Recesssive Dystophic Epidermolysis Bullosa (RDEB) sufferers like Zoe’s daughter Phoebe.

“We have decided to set something up which will hopefully grow over the years and offer the people of Stamford and surrounding areas a straight two hander play of quality which normally wouldn’t be seen in a small town such as Stamford as they tend to be tours in larger towns and cities,” said Zoe.

“Steven has a wealth of experience on stage including Chaplin and Accrington Pals and despite being a challenge cannot wait to rise to it in Kes.

“Kes was an iconic film which was first screened in 1970 which many people will remember. The stage adaptation will feature Steven playing eight different characters, alongside another actor who will play the younger Billy Casper.”

Zoe is producing the show, to be performed on October 26 and 27, with David Crowley in the director’s chair.

“We are extremely fortunate to have appointed David, one of the best directors available who works mainly within theatre and TV and was also associate director at West Yorkshire Playhouse,” said Zoe. “David is full of enthusiasm and makes the impossible possible.”

Zoe said there had been plenty of support for the project, with the likes of Mercedes-Benz Peterborough, The William Cecil, Stamford, The Paper Mills at Wansford, The Country Lounge at Wansford and PPS Print and HR design already onboard.

“The Stamford Corn Exchange have been extremely supportive of the project as they would like to see more straight plays. Obviously the acid test will be bums on seats over the three shows”

Steven added: “Without the sponsors we are unable to go ahead with the production. Phoebe Research is an important charity. If we can get enough support we will make this an annual event not just to support a charity but to bring something interesting to a thriving community.”

To get involved with sponsorship contact Zoe on 07718 071645. For tickets go to