Patrick O'Flynn MEP

Peterborough’s politics is in disrepute

WELL, people of Peterborough, how do you feel about politics at the moment? I can already hear the sound of thousands of you blowing raspberries in response to that question, writes Patrick O’Flynn MEP, Social Democratic Party (SDP) Parliamentary candidate for Peterborough.

Rotary Corner

Recycling schemes at their best - thanks to Rotary

W e are fortunate; our hospital in Peterborough has a helipad but that is not always the case. Helicopters, delivering patients needing urgent care to Leicester Royal, have to land in Mandela Park. At Queens Medical (a major trauma unit) air ambulance helicopters have to land across the dual carriageway in the grounds of Nottingham University. In both cases patients then have to be offloaded and continue their journey by road in an ambulance.

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