Your urban fox sightings in Peterborough

An urban fox on a Dogsthorpe Road allotments at dusk, Peterborough, June 2012. Photo: Paul Franks
An urban fox on a Dogsthorpe Road allotments at dusk, Peterborough, June 2012. Photo: Paul Franks
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Monday, 10.20am: We asked PT readers online if they had seen any urban foxes in Peterborough, here are some sightings, photos and even video:

Following the news of a baby being attacked by an urban fox in south-east London, we asked for Twitter responses to the hashhtag #pturbanfox:

“I used to see them regularly when I was walking the dog in Werrington and they never flinched” PT assistant editor, Brad Barnes @ptbradbarnes

“@mattbarber85: I saw this lovely chap last summer on the A47 / Fulbridge Road footbridge” See Matt’s Twitter photo

“We see them regularly - sickened by all this scaremongering and (most likely fabricated) stories of attacks” Jack Thorpe @TMitC

“see urban foxes regularly in our garden - sunbathing - in the Ortons, accessible to Ferry Meadows” @richardkendall

“ saw one in deerleap, bretton yesterday evening ripping up a bin bag on the side of the road!” Joe Dent @photojoedent

“One ran out in front of me on Fletton High Street in the early hours of Tuesday - he was huge!” Nick Reinis @nickreinis

“Saw one @ 10am two Sundays ago, @ Celta/London Rd xroads. It ran off to the park. It was huge” Paul Kilby @Paul_Kilby

“there is a pack that live by the hospital in Bretton, I often see them at night on the ambulance access road” MedicStu @MedicStu

“Not a run in, but did see one strolling towards the flats near BP garage on St John’s St last wk” Rebecca McKie @rebecca_mckie

“saw fox run across the road near Van Hage 6pm on Weds, first for seen in ages & I live in a rural village!” Nikki Pepper @NikkiPepper

“spotted this chap in the car park at Thorpe Wood #pturbanfox ... regular visitor,” view the photo: Schpook @TrishB1902

“One crossing the road by Central Park on Tuesday night” Helen Wilson @helengredal

“They don’t get much closer or more tame than this one is Thorpe!” view the video on YouTube: Tony Hull @Tony_Hull

“Saw a fox on Friday 15th at 7.30pm that had just crossed Oundle Road, Orton Northgate.” OrtonOwl via website

“We live close to Ferry Meadows and have a fox visiting our garden nearly every night. It is very timid, even a movement of the curtains has it running off. We enjoy seeing it when possible and have no problems with it coming too close to the house or causing a mess. Someone once told me foxes keep rats down. Whether this is true or not I don’t know but I have never seen any rats around here so maybe it is.” butterfly via website

“Foxes do a great service,keeping down the more damaging rabbit population, and they’ve only migrated to the cities due to easy food pickings,as a result of peoples lazy habits, and the lack of an efficient refuse collection service, less easy pickings, and maybe they’ll migrate back to the countryside, where rabbits are a real menace, not the foxes!” chuffe via website

“I see both Foxes and Deer by crown lakes near Ikea, also both near the Nene valley railway at the back of the Sugar Way estate.” PlacidofWoodston via website

“I live on mobile home park fengate most nights a fox comes out of the bush, also when I lived in Westwood foxes were out every night” catsdogs via website

“I See Foxes quite often when walking my dog round Westhawe of a late evening. we’ve always found them fascinating creatures to observe.” voice of treason via website

“One seen every night 11.00-12.00 p.m. in Thorpe Lea Road.” Brianposh2003 via website

“I saw one last night near to Celta road traffic lights. It just stood in the road looking at me” eggcraft via website

“Massive dog fox in our garden the other morning, once a week sightings by Fletton Lake and many seen at Crown Lakes.” swineshead via website

-- Any more sightings? Any more photos?: What are your views on urban foxes?

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