Time to replace smelly bin lorries in Peterborough

A bin collection in Peterborough
A bin collection in Peterborough
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Peterborough City Council needs to update its fleet of waste refuse collection trucks (bin trucks) as the current ones are dirty, smelly and have reached the end of their useful live.

The current vehicles should be replaced in 2019/2020 with the newer electric model: Dennis Eagle eCollect when they become available later this year.

The new vehicles have many benefits as they release zero emissions meaning that the vehicles are better for the environment and emit little to no noise pollution, allowing flexibility over when bins are emptied.

And as there is little/no noise pollution bins can be emptied earlier (5.00am/6.00am) so there is less disruption during busier traffic times, and are cleaner and fresher than the current stock.

As bin trucks are large vehicles that regularly accelarate and deaccelarate, being electric would have many benefits.

As well as this the new vehicles are made by the same manufacturer as the old vehicles so work operatives do not need any additional training.

The old vehicles should be scrapped or sold.

All of the new vehicles should be fitted with white noise reversing alarms and CCTV to improve safety and make the vehicles ultra friendly.

This would be the first city in the UK to make this pledge and also help the city achieve becoming the UK’s environment capital. It is also cheaper in the long run to operate a electric vehicle than a standard diesel one.

The Dennis Eagle eCollects could be used once a fortnight to collect the landfill waste (black bins), with new recycling trucks, like the ones that are already being used by other councils, to collect the green bins, where the vehicles have compartments that the waste is sorted into, saving time on the recycling process.

Alfie Zenday