Peterborough’s Rhubarb Bridge can be made more accessible

Rhubarb Bridge
Rhubarb Bridge
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I have been following with interesting the debacle that is the repair to the pedestrian Rhubarb Bridge.

First of all I don’t accept that there is no way to make it accessible.

There is sufficient land on both sides of Soke Parkway to have staggered ramps (in three sections) without restricting the 5.5 metre clearance required for the roads to the roundabout. If we’re really going to spend money on repairs that will last only 10 years then any good accountant would say that the current structure is a write off.

If anything there isn’t enough separated infrastructure between pedestrians/cyclists and vehicles in Peterborough. There will be further congestion if traffic exiting this roundabout is restricted by lights (ie the slip roads onto the parkways are never closed).

Finally, the slip roads off the parkway both need widening to three lanes to stop traffic queueing onto the parkway at busy times. Which is why I avoid stopping on the parkway even if that looks like queue jumping.

John Airey, via email


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