Peterborough City Council must do more to inform the public about the positive

Tim Peake space capsule at Peterborough Cathedral EMN-181108-162555009
Tim Peake space capsule at Peterborough Cathedral EMN-181108-162555009
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I would just like to say how amazing it was to see Tim Peake’s soyuz space capsule, in the splendour of Peterborough cathedral.

How lucky we are to have this exhibition here in Peterborough, and I would urge everyone to go and have a look.

However, whilst waiting to see the VR space descent, I spoke to a group of people,and they hadn’t known anything about all this,until they stumbled upon the spacebus in Cathedral Square.

They felt that it hadn’t been advertised enough, and I feel that this is often the case.

I buy the Peterborough Telegraph every week and therefore get to know what is going on, but if you don’t get the paper, or go on line you miss an awful lot.

The council could put a banner across Bridge Street, advertise on local radio, use social media.

This is one exhibition not to be missed and the space descent VR with Tim Peake puts you in the pilot’s seat of the capsule.

Absolutely amazing - a great experience.

So come on Peterborough City Council, tell people what is going on in and around our wonderful city.

Jennifer Mann - Farcet