LETTER: Who’d vote for a cut in income?

Theresa May outside Downing Street
Theresa May outside Downing Street
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In view of the national decline and Peterborough Conservative seat loss at the election I feel that there are a number of reasons that those in the media are failing to see as good reason for this fall in the Conservative vote.

The elderly vote placed the Conservatives in a secure position for a number of years.

But the recently released party manifesto offered a damning exclusion to their support in excluding those who supported them so well previously by: Reducing the triple lock on pensions and removing the winter payment for average pensioners.

Let’s face it who would vote to have a reduction in their income?

Additionally, a large Conservative majority would allow that party to bring in whatever they wanted over the period of their parliament which may adversely affect the working class, pensioners and the disabled without recourse - in effect giving the ruling government permission to do what they want without redress .

Almost offering a parliamentary dictatorship to the Conservative part.

The voting public were afraid of this becoming a one party ruling state.

I, and many of my elderly friends, feel these are the main reasons why the election turned out as it did.

Ray Cave

Fellowes Road