LETTER: When people are struggling Bretton Water Park brings a little cheer

Two-year-old Everleigh enjoying the water park
Two-year-old Everleigh enjoying the water park
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I think we need to look at the more than just the council tax rise of six per cent to add to our worries as let’s not forget gas and electric prices are going up by 10 per cent, water rate charges are set to rise, interest rates are set to rise, petrol prices are going through the roof and food prices are rising by the week.

I and many others will be lucky to get a one or two per cent pay rise this year, so what are we going to do? Keep cutting back more and more till the parlour is empty?

These are very worrying times and I know lots of people on the breadline so something has to change as wage rises do not even get close to all the ones I have mentioned.

We keep been told by the leader of the council each week that this is a wonderful city to live but it’s not going to be with people struggling day by day to get by and in this day and age that is a disgrace but as a neighbour said to me we just have to keep smiling that’s the only way to keep going.

I would like to end on a plea to the city council. Please keep Bretton water park open as £18,000 is not a lot when you consider many other things they could do to save the money and we could do with a little bit of cheer to make us keep smiling.

Frank Langan - via email