LETTER: Terrified by out-of-control dog in Peterborough’s Central Park

Peterborough's Central Park
Peterborough's Central Park
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I write to highlight and complain about the fact that a number of dog owners are flouting the rules about keeping dogs on a lead in Central Park and that as a result, Central Park, is not a safe place for children to play.

There is dog excrement left behind by irresponsible owners on the grassy areas where children play football and other games and only recently, last weekend, one of my grandsons was chased by an unmuzzled, barking bull terrier whilst in the children’s play area (which is supposed to be safe but where two sections of fence are currently missing).

He was understandably terrified and ran screaming until I was able to grab him and yell at the dog.

He was so shaken by the experience (and so was I) that we had to go home.

He now says he no longer wants to go to Central Park.

Surely, Central Park was designed for the pleasure of people, who should be able to enjoy their time there without having to worry about being terrified by dogs or stepping in their excrement.

I have no problem with responsible owners, who are obviously considerate of other people but why do some owners think it is okay to let their dogs run free and use the park as a giant dog toilet and exercise ground.

It is so very selfish.

Pam, Peterborough