LETTER: ‘Poppy hijab helps all to be included’ says Peterborough mum

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I feel there is a stigma that Poppy Day is only for the followers of Christian faith when many Muslims also fought in the war and go unrecognised.

It has been said that many Muslims do not support the Poppy making them somewhat ‘very different’ to the their community and peers.

For the few years or especially since my children have started primary school at Heritage Park in Park Farm, Stanground, celebrating the Poppy has been a very important celebration and every child has been taught the importance - as a consequence, this grew the interest in and around my children and many other children who have been made to feel that the Poppy celebration is not for them.

To mark this occasion I sent my two daughters to school wearing the Poppy Hijab so they can be involved and be a ‘part’ of the celebration.

Everyone deserves to be recognised for losing their lives, as every life is scared and this is what I intend to instil in my children today.


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