LETTER: Plea to save our favourite Peterborough Costa Coffee from closure

Costa Coffee in Bridge Street Peterborough
Costa Coffee in Bridge Street Peterborough
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I should like to express my disappointment at the plan to close the Peterborough Bridge Street branch of Costa coffee in early 2018.

So far as my wife and I are concerned, this space is our favourite Costa – not only in Peterborough, but also in the entire country.

The evolving staff have traditionally been efficient and likeable, including when individuals have moved to work at other branches.

Not everyone wants the one-stop shopping option offered by Serpentine Green; the Brotherhood option is too cramped for the footfall; and the Queensgate Costa is draughty in winter.

The hospital branch is pleasant, but with unfortunate s

urroundings and connotation.

It annoys me that the Bridge Street Costa magically becomes suddenly busy when there is an event outside.

For me, the problem lies with Bridge Street itself, which offers too few quality shops, instead acting as a pedestrian throughway to Asda.

Save our Costa!

David Robinson

Thorpe Park Road