LETTER: Peterborough feels like a giant car park

Gridlock near Serpentine Green
Gridlock near Serpentine Green
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I am a delivery driver with a timetable to meet and it has been a nightmare. It’s not just the A1 closure or Bishops Road or Eastfield Road, it is all over the city.

I have spent so much time sitting in traffic jams these last few months that at times I felt like you might as well turn the city into a car park.

Last Friday evening I should have finished at 8 but it was 11 as the city was in gridlock.

We know the work has to be done but why is it done at the same time and road after road is blocked off.

There is worse to come as all over the city signs are going up about more road closures.

Yes, we get the usual sorry for the inconvenience but it’s just words and not meant.

Frank Langan

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