LETTER: Peterborough cyclists need to observe the laws of the road

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I would like to raise the issue of cyclists at night and the blatant disregard for the law in the city.

This evening (18th October 2017) in the London and Oundle Road areas in a distance of not more than 1 mile I witnessed 12 cyclists who in the dark did not have appropriate lights, 4 had none at all and the remainder either had one on the front or one on the rear.

This may seem petty but recently we have seen a cyclist imprisoned for the death of a pedestrian which was during daylight hours, what chance have they got in the dark?

I am sure that Cambridgeshire Police will claim they do not have the resource to deal with this, but if I did not see one of these reckless individuals I am sure they would have the resource to investigate me.

They will shortly be conducting their Christmas drink drive campaign, I would suggest that whilst engaged in this noble pursuit that they also tackle these cyclists before someone else gets killed.

Bill Field.