LETTER: New Queensgate seats are not restful

Queensgate shopping centre in Peterborough. Photo: Peterborough Telegraph
Queensgate shopping centre in Peterborough. Photo: Peterborough Telegraph
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It was gratifying to read that some of the city’s key decision makers have experienced for themselves the difficulties of life in a wheelchair.

I hope that improvements will result.

I would like those decision makers to tell the Queensgate management to take some advice too.

Those responsible for the Queensgate ‘makeover’ need to consult people who are elderly or infirm about seating.

I mean ‘actual’ people - those who find it difficult to get up from softer seats with no arms or to rest on seats with very small or no backs.

I suppose the new seating has been chosen as it is bright and funky but as for serving the purpose ie a seat on which to rest while shopping, they are useless.

I understand that there have been numerous verbal complaints.

I received a reply to my written feedback form and was told that the management needs to meet the expectations of the owners, the retailers and those who shop.

I believe these priorities are the wrong way round. Surely if you cater well for shoppers, this pleases the retailers and then the owners by encouraging people to the centre.

I was told that the bench seating – much more supportive and easier to get up from – will not be removed ‘immediately’ but most of it has already gone and I guess the rest will follow.

Janet Frusher

Amberley Slope, Werrington