LETTER: Incredible care at Peterborough City Hospital

Peterborough Hospital
Peterborough Hospital
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On April 1 my sister Pauline (who was visiting from London) was unexpectedly admitted to Peterborough City Hospital and I feel it would be an injustice if I didn’t share the incredible care my sister received during what felt like the longest four days of my life.

Although the conclusion was the saddest possible outcome, the care could not have been any better.

My main focus here is on the care Pauline received during her time in the Critical Care Unit (CCU).

However, this does not take anything away from the amazing staff who initially triaged Pauline whilst attempting to understand what was wrong.

They made her comfortable and calm during what must have been a very scary time for her.

During the first evening, Pauline was transferred from the Ward to the CCU as she was having great difficulty breathing, and it was the first time for me to be in this kind of environment.

Immediately, although filled with fear, I felt reassured and comforted that Pauline was in the best place as the staff introduced themselves and made me fully aware of what was happening.

I never felt in the dark at any stage which was crucial considering I was now seeing my sister have more and more tubes applied to her body.

I needed to contact my niece and nephews so they could visit their Mum from London and Kent to which the staff had no issue with at all.

Once they arrived the staff gave us full access to the visiting rooms and the waiting areas for the full three days.

We were also able to sit with Pauline anytime day or night and no matter how many questions or re-assurance we required, it was simply never too much trouble.

The staff shifts changed every 12 hours and from a care perspective, we wouldn’t have noticed any difference.

The continuity of care was incredible for both Pauline and us as the anxious and unsettled family.

Pauline sadly passed away on April 5 and every effort of care and skill was committed day and night by each and every staff member and we wanted this to be recognised.

We wouldn’t have been able to say goodbye, nor would we have been able to witness that there was no suffering at all which is helping is all during our grieving process.

In addition to this letter, we have also created a donation campaign in the memory of Pauline and have currently raised over £1,500 which, once completed, the full amount will be donated to the CCU to be used to help improve their ward further.

So in the memory of my wonderful sister, myself and our family want to express our sincere heartfelt gratitude the Peterborough City Hospital for everything they did during this very difficult time.

Diane, via email