LETTER: Ideas for honour to Peterborough couple

Maggie Cantwell's funeral at Peterborough Cathedral EMN-170302-193702009
Maggie Cantwell's funeral at Peterborough Cathedral EMN-170302-193702009
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It was a privilege to attend a packed cathedral recently to pay tribute to Maggie Cantwell and although it was a very sad occasion, the eulogies about her were life-affirming and inspirational.

Politicians at all levels and from all parties come and go (it’s called democracy!) but every now and again, certain individuals really leave their mark upon a city and shape its character.

Maggie and Noel Cantwell were two such people and I wonder whether now is the time for them to be honoured permanently by Peterborough?

There are lots of ways in which this could be done, from naming a street or re-naming the Posh ground; maybe establishing a football scholarship for youngsters?

These are just a handful of ideas and I know that Peterborough Telegraph readers will have many more.

Maggie and Noel did not originally come from Peterborough, but they adopted it and made it their home.

They are as much a part of its modern heritage as Katherine of Aragon’s tomb is emblematic of its past and should be commemorated in the form of a lasting memorial.

Helen Clark

(Peterborough MP 1997 – 2005)