LETTER: Help to erase Peterborough’s graffiti “virus”

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I am seeking your help regarding the almost daily appearance of graffiti that is becoming a ‘virus’ on street furniture, brick walls and wooden fences on the many properties within these Orton Townships.

The city council inform me that it is the responsibility of the tenant/property owner or the landlord to remove the ‘virus’ however in many cases neither of these members may be aware of the problem as it is on the exterior of their property and again in many cases their back entrances are rarely used. Efforts to find the owners etc are refused under the confidentiality ruling so how can the problem be resolved? It is by appealing to ALL tenants/landlords and property owners to check their property for this graffiti and hopefully remove it!! PRIDE OF PLACE? This appeal is put out by an environmentally concerned resident within Orton Goldhay (for over 30 years) and who is endeavouring to bring back a PRIDE of PLACE that is currently sadly lacking. I am seeking also local volunteers to supplement the CCTV and Neighbourhood Watch to ‘take on’ those responsible for the virus that they seem to want to spread within the townships.

Orton resident