LETTER: ‘Fatal collision inevitable’ at Peterborough city centre crossing

Lorry and pedestrian RTC at Bourges Boulevard EMN-171027-143953009

Some months ago I wrote to you pointing out that I had witnessed three collisions in six months at the Bridge Street pedestrian crossing which links two pedestrian precincts in the city centre.

In each of these collisions a pedestrian was injured.

I pointed out that a fatal collision was inevitable at some point.

The response from the Council was that all was well and no action was required.

Since then I know there have been two further collisions and in the latest, a person was seriously injured.

Are we really going to stand by an do nothing until a fatality occurs?

I write this letter because I work in the city centre and I use that crossing every day as do thousands of others.

I see people crossing here many of whom are old, young or disabled.

The dangers of this crossing are self evident and something needs to be done.

Sean Enright


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