LETTER: Driving in Cambridgeshire - a never-ending sequence of roadworks, closures and diversions!

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I have to write to inform readers of the most terrible journey I faced yesterday night (October 18) getting home from Cambridge at approximately 10pm onwards.

I was aware of the roadworks on the A14, and look forward to the new road once completed. However, last evening I was in Cambridge (had been elsewhere south that day, and stopped off to go into Cambridge centre).

Just like other occasions, and as I was in Hills Road, I went south towards Trumpington and joined the M11 at junction11. This I have found to be the best route out of Cambridge late at night due to road closures, etc.

However, on joining the M11 north I was confronted with the closure of the road at the Bedford junction. Again, this was not surprising so I turned left and followed the A428 towards Bedford as far as the Papworth turning and went right towards Papworth. As I turned I noticed a sign claiming to ‘not follow sat nav to A14W’.

Fearing that there was no entry to the A14W, I continued towards Papworth and around the village bypass until I found a road marked Biggleswade, which took me back to the A428. I continued towards St Neots from the junction and at St Neots obeyed the diversion route indicated to the A1 North.

Once on the A1, I continued northwards for some miles, but at the A14 junction the A1 North was closed and the signs for the A1 North seemed to have disappeared. I had to leave the A1 there and at the roundabout, the slip road back onto the A1 North was shut off. So, at this point I appeared to have no way north!

I went right towards Cambridge again, but there was no indication to how I should get back on the A1. At the first sliproad on the A14 here I returned to the junction with the A1. Left with no alternative, I went over the junction towards Kettering in the hope of there being signs for the A1 North again. None existed!

Continuing on the A14 West, I went to where the Oundle Road (A605) met the A14 (that alone is a long way!), knowing that is where I would be able to go towards Peterborough.

Continuing on the A605 East I reached Thrapston and was confronted with a sign ‘Road ahead closed’ no access to the A1!’

I then went into Thrapston and turned right towards Corby. Bearing in mind the time was late, the mist had started to come down on the road, I was not about to use any back roads and remained on trunk roads at all times.

At Corby, knowing that the road to Stamford was imminent, I turned towards Stamford. At the junction with the A47, I turned towards Peterborough. To rub salt into wounds, I found the Parkway closed off as well, close to the police station.

I carried on the A47 and went through the town and on to Hampton Vale, and home.

The whole journey took 2 hours 30 minutes, for a journey that used to take 35 minutes.

Please tell me why did you allow the A1 North junction to be closed at the A14 junction?

Why was there no valid signpost to take me back to the A14 at Huntingdon (I assume this is the way I should have proceeded, but there was nothing to indicate it)?

Surely, you should ALWAYS have the A1 North route open at the junction of the A14 when the A14 is closed elsewhere?

Shaun Villiers Everett