LETTER: Don’t label killers by their religion

Abdul M Choudhuri - Chairman, Faizan e Madinah Mosque
Abdul M Choudhuri - Chairman, Faizan e Madinah Mosque

We are deeply saddened the killing of 58 people and injuries of over 500 in Las Vegas in USA - worst killing in recent American history.

Our heartfelt sympathies are with the families of all those who died and we pray for the speedy recovery of all those injured.

We have always condemned the killing of innocent people whether it is by Governments sponsored like in Burma, Kashmir or by terrorists anywhere in the world as the basic teaching of Islam is “to kill a human being is equal to the killing of whole mankind”.

It is very hurtful that this man Stephen Paddock who single handed killed and injured more people than the terrorist killed in Britain France and other countries during the past few year yet he has been described as a wealthy family man, grandfather, loner, with mental problems etc but not once he has been described as terrorist.

No one mentioned him by his religion - Christian, Jew or any other religion.

This man pre-planned his evil action, had dozens of guns and large cache of weapons in his control and at his home, cameras installed in his hotel room to keep an eye on the security forces but he is still not a terrorist.

What a damn hypocrisy of the World powers and the mass media that if a so called Muslim kills even a single person or injures a few people the whole world come united to condemn the “Islamist terrorist” and Muslim communities as a whole suffers the consequences of that evil person’s action. We have stated that a killer is a criminal not a Muslim, Christian, Jew or a Hindu such people should be treated as such and condemned for their actions and punished according to the law and not labelled by their religion- the sooner the world realize and accept it better it is.

Abdul M Choudhuri - Chairman, Faizan e Madinah Mosque