LETTER: Annoyed by closures in Peterborough city centre

The Travelchoice Kiosk in Queensgate Bus Station
The Travelchoice Kiosk in Queensgate Bus Station
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Following some items in recent issues of the PT, I wanted to add a few comments. They are some of my pet peeves.

Closure of the travel kiosk in the bus station. This is really annoying, you need travel information where you will be travelling from. I do not think the Visitor Centre will be able to do all that the Travel Centre did and I have not found the Stagecoach website any use..

The cafe/kiosk in the bus station. I wonder what will happen to that ‘building’ within the bus station. Perhaps it will eventually be revamped and a new and improved travel centre and cafe will reopen.

I just hope it does not end up becoming an office or some niche retail outlet of some kind or yet another outlet for one of the big chains of coffee shops.

Those times when both the escalators and the lifts at the bus station have been out of order.

The first time this affected me, I followed instructions posted in the lift and asked one of the bus station security people for help via an accessible route that did not involve stairs.

I remember it involved going through the bowels of the car park from the bus drivers’ rest room side to the shopping centre side. It took quite a while too. Next time it happened, I didn’t bother, I struggled on their stairs, very slowly, and it may have taken less time than that alternative route.

Closure of public toilets near the market/Tesco. I accept there may have been good reasons to close them but as they were unmanned it may have been cost cutting. It is one less public toilet out of the very few that remain though.

I contacted Peterborough City Council a couple of years ago if they could provide me with a list of public toilets. The list contained only half a dozen at most and with the recent closure that is now one less.

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