LETTER: Action is vital to prevent a fatality at Peterborough crossing

The scene of a collision
The scene of a collision
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I was close to the pedestrian crossing between Bridge Street and Rivergate on Monday when a cyclist was severely injured trying to cross the road.

It was the third time in five months that I have been in the vicinity of the crossing when a person was injured or an ambulance was removing a casualty. There is another dimension to this. People who use this crossing regularly will all relate near misses at this crossing which go unreported.

This crossing is in the heart of our city centre and it is used by thousands of Peterborough people every day. It affects us all. One collision is too many. Three collisions and many near misses in the space of five months is indicative of a serious safety problem. There are others better qualified to express a view about why these incidents are occurring and what can be done to prevent a recurrence.

The purpose of this letter is point out this danger which affects every who uses the city centre and ask that something is done before a fatality occurs.

Sean Enright