I’m deafblind and Peterborough MP Fiona Onasanya supported me when I needed it the most

Fiona Onasanya pictured in Peterborough following her conviction. Photo: Terry Harris
Fiona Onasanya pictured in Peterborough following her conviction. Photo: Terry Harris
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When someone is convicted of wrongdoing, no matter how minor the offence may be, there is a tendency condemn them and forget the good work they have done.

So as a constituent of Peterborough MP Fiona Onasanya (and someone who has benefited directly from her concern and support when I was in difficulty), I would like to add my comment.

I am deaf and blind and depend on support workers to be able to work.

Two years ago, I nearly lost my support worker funding despite applying for its renewal.

With only a few days of funding left, I emailed Fiona asking for help.

She immediately rang me back, listened to my problems and promised to get them sorted.

The following week the funding was agreed.

My job and my livelihood were safe for another three years. I could not thank Fiona enough.

Not every MP would respond so quickly and effectively to a disabled constituent who writes to them when in difficulty.

In so doing Fiona demonstrated her commitment to supporting her constituents including those who are on the margins and so often overlooked.

Will the next MP for Peterborough show the same readiness to support me and other disabled people in difficulty?

Or will we be overlooked and forgotten as we have been so often before?

I’d like to publicly put in a good word for and thank Fiona Onasanya for her timely and most valuable support when I most needed it.

I hope others will come forward in her support.

Fiona is not the bad person she is being painted. She deserves recognition for her good work for others.

Graham Hicks

Hix Cycles