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LETTER: Keep Peterborough services in central location

Re Peterborough Telegraph Facebook favourites on May 3, Peterborough mental health unit sold for housing.

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The Travelchoice Kiosk in Queensgate Bus Station

LETTER: Annoyed by closures in Peterborough city centre

Following some items in recent issues of the PT, I wanted to add a few comments. They are some of my pet peeves.

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Labour candidates for the local elections'Jo Johnson ENGEMN00120120317183106

LETTER: Thanks to my Bretton and East Ward supporters

I want to thank the people of East and Bretton wards for all their support over the last six years.

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Peterborough City Council  local election count at Kingsgate saw Irene Walsh elected over John Okonkowski. EMN-180405-101300009

LETTER: Sorry Orton councillor was not elected after so much hard work

I was very sorry to hear John Okonkowski was not elected this year.

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Fletton Quays

LETTER: Does Fletton Quays in Peterborough really need all those steps?

Re the image in the Peterborough Telegraph (May 10 page 85) with the article about desirable apartments at Fletton Quays.

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Peterborough's Central Park

LETTER: Terrified by out-of-control dog in Peterborough’s Central Park

I write to highlight and complain about the fact that a number of dog owners are flouting the rules about keeping dogs on a lead in Central Park and that as a result, Central Park, is not a safe place for children to play.

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Peterborough Hospital

LETTER: Incredible care at Peterborough City Hospital

On April 1 my sister Pauline (who was visiting from London) was unexpectedly admitted to Peterborough City Hospital and I feel it would be an injustice if I didn’t share the incredible care my sister received during what felt like the longest four days of my life.

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Peterborough City Hospital

LETTER: Peterborough maternity team’s life-saving work

I’d like to make a special mention for a team of surgeons, consultants and midwives at Peterborough City Hospital’s maternity unit.

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Stagecoach buses

LETTER: How can Stagecoach justify fare increases in Peterborough given the service?

How can Stagecoach justify price increases when they are incapable of providing any kind of service?

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LETTER: An observation of Peterborough from ‘a foreigner’s perspective - which direction is it going?

LETTER: An observation of Peterborough from ‘a foreigner’s perspective - which direction is it going?

First off, some things you might want to know about me: I am female, 23 years old, and I have been living in the city of Peterborough for 7 months now. So technically I am still a foreigner, but I am not altogether unfamiliar with this city anymore.

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Charles Swift with a portrait at the Town Hall in May 2011, 50 years after he was elected as Mayor of Peterborough has now hit out at the council on which he served for so long

LETTER: Sad state as Peterborough City Council cancel meeting as there is ‘no important business to discuss’

What a sad state of affairs that the Mayor of Peterborough had to cancel the April Peterborough City Council meeting for there was no important business for the 60 councillors to conduct and it clearly demonstrates that the council is on its way out.

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City Market Peterborough ENGEMN00120131021155709

LETTER: Peterborough City Council’s public loo closure typically punishes the innocent

Without fanfare or any previous warning, Peterborough City Council decided to close the Market Way toilets permanently to the public as from March 31.

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An image of how the new Lidl will look

LETTER: Peterborough Lidl plans spark fear of traffic growth

In last week’s Peterborough Telegraph it was stated: “However, as the Transport Assessment demonstrates, no overall increase in demand is expected during peak periods.”

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Eye C of E Primary School EMN-180314-175547009

LETTER: Parents must get clear explanation over annulment of exam results at top Peterborough school

I read, with interest, your article about the investigation by the Standards and Testing Agency (STA) and Peterborough City Council with the end result of a finding of maladministration at Eye Church of England Primary School.

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Pothole problem

LETTER: Stunned by Peterborough’s perilous pothole problem

I am amazed at the situation at Junction 3 of Fletton Parkway!

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Councillors David Seaton and John Holdich

LETTER: Peterborough City councillors hit back at criticism

There were a number of errors of fact in the letter from Mr Alan Gasparutti published in last week’s Peterborough Telegraph.

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LETTER: 'Useless' Peterborough City Council too slow to react to city's 'raw deal' from central government

It is a sad fact that Peterborough gets a raw deal from central government funding.

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LETTER: Appeal for Peterborough Good Samaritan to come forward

I am a pensioner and at just before 6am on Friday March 9, I offered help at the scene of an accident at the junction of Eastfield Road and Reeves Way in Peterborough.
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LETTER: Police advice shut Peterborough City Council public gallery

The decision to close the public gallery was made following a Peterborough City Council meeting on 19 July because of a significant disturbance which made it impossible for the council to conduct important business, including the approval of a plan to tackle crime and disorder in the city.

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