Your Posh Say: Not a lot of love for Fergie

Your Say: letters, emails and comments on the news - from the Peterborough Telegraph,, @peterboroughtel on Twitter,
Your Say: letters, emails and comments on the news - from the Peterborough Telegraph,, @peterboroughtel on Twitter,
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Fergie’s selections are just baffling. He needs to address the gaping weakness in attacking midfield and then some of the pressure might disperse.


If Fergie is the answer what exactly was the question?


The players we have could be managed better. There’s not much else to say.

Fletton Lad

It’s the same as last season. We start okay and then other teams suss us out and out-think us tactically. The management/coaching team seem to be totally inept. We are also spending lots of money on players like Tyrone Barnett and Luke James, but not playing a system to accommodate them.

Alan Ramsey

Fergie would have gone by now at other clubs. It dosn’t matter who we get in as they couldn’t be any worse tactically.


The manager has lost the plot. How he can pair Boswick and Payne in midfield is beyond me. Do the decent thing Fergie and resign.


Out-thought by master tactician Mark Cooper! How times have changed. Fergie has to go for the sake of everyone involved with the football club. This is becoming a farce and unless a change is made, a relegation battle is looming.


Fergie has to go as he does not know his best team. He has a good squad but can’t get the best out of them.

Geoffrey Coltman

On leaving the ground last Saturday, I heard several fans saying they won’t return until Fergie has gone. I can’t say I blame them when you see a team with two defensive midfielders, error-prone defenders and strikers who miss open goals from five yards.

Leperus Lepreachaun

Under Fergie we will never be any good as his tactics are rubbish, his team selections are even worse, and his excuses are getting lamer.

I won’t be going to another game until we have a change of manager.