On your bike! Swarm of bees cause quite a buzz in city centre

Thousands of bees caused a real buzz when they swarmed on a bike in bee-terborough city centre.

Friday, 10th June 2016, 1:55 pm
Updated Monday, 13th June 2016, 12:32 pm
The bees

The insects swooped on the bike in Midgate at about 11am, gathering on the bike’s basket, with the queen in the middle of the clump.

Swarms of people gathered to get a closer look at the spectacular sight - and were able to get up close to the insects, without fear of being stung.

The bike’s owner was at work when the insects struck.

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The bees

The police were called, and a bee keeper was sent to safely pick up the honey bees.

After donning the suit, he pushed the bees - including the queen - into a grey plastic bin, before heading off to fetch a vacuum cleaner to safely pick up the rest of the animals.

The box was designed to allow bees to enter, but not to leave.

Traffic was delayed while the operation took place.

The bee keeper, George Newton, said: “When a colony of bees gets overcrowded, the old queen will leave with part of the population of the colony to find a new home. It happens a lot at this time of year.

“They will then clump at one point - it can be a car, a post, a tree, or a bike like this, while scouts go out to find a new home.

“They can stay there for about 24 hours, then leave for their new home.
“They never sting anyone when they are in a swarm like this.

“I’ll give them a permanent home now.”

The bees