Yoga guru giving Peterborough a stretch

Sandra Heider and Charlotte Speller  at Equillibrium, Woodston. (METP-18-05-12DL038) Picture: David Lowndes/Peterborough ET.
Sandra Heider and Charlotte Speller at Equillibrium, Woodston. (METP-18-05-12DL038) Picture: David Lowndes/Peterborough ET.
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One of the world’s leading yoga experts is travelling to Peterborough to help residents bend and stretch stress from their lives.

Ana Forrest, who created Forrest Yoga and is normally based in USA, will settle in Peterborough next month to train teachers as part of a programme, which will be a first for Europe.

It will be the first time she has given the month-long intensive Foundation Teacher Training in Europe and it has sparked international interest, with people due to travel from Finland, Sweden, South Africa and Malaysia to come to the city and take part in the sessions.

All of the training will take place at the Equilibrium Yoga centre, in Shrewsbury Avenue, Woodston, Peterborough, and will be hosted by Sandra Heider, who works at the centre.

Sandra said: “It is very exciting that Ana is coming to Peterborough.

“In the world of yoga, she is very much on the A-list and it is fantastic she is coming to Peterborough first.

“On the tour she will also be visiting London, Milan, Berlin and Vienna, so it is a real privilege for her to come here.

“I am one of 14 guardians of Forrest Yoga, which is why she is coming here. We also have a purpose- built building, which is also a big reason.”

Forrest Yoga was created in the 1980s in America with a focus of modifying and using the the traditional eastern practice to help solve modern western problems, such as neck and back pain.

Sandra said: “This form of yoga is suitable for everyone. It focuses on things like lower back pain, which can be caused by sitting for long periods of time.

“It is great for everyone who wants wellbeing in their lives and wants to get rid of stress.

“At the moment I run eight classes and have up to 22 people taking part in each one, and it is growing all the time.”

During the month of teacher training, people in Peterborough will have the chance to take part in a number of sessions with Ana and the trainee teachers.

Ana said: “Although I’ve taught workshops and five-day continuing education for teachers in the UK, this is the first time I’ve had the opportunity to host my Foundation Teacher Training here — actually, in Europe — and I’m really excited to be able to bring Forrest Yoga here.

“I’ve created a system of yoga specifically for 21st century living.

“Whether you come to my teacher training or the series of workshops, you’ll get to fascinate on the mystery that is you.

“You’ll learn how to work with and heal injuries or trauma, and you’ll probably sweat a lot and feel great.”

Morning sessions for members of the public will take place between 6am and 9am from June 8 to 18 and also from June 22 to July 2.

For more information, visit or www. or call 01733 370002.

FACTFILE: Ana Forrest

ACCORDING to Forrest Yoga founder Ana Forrest, the branch of yoga is about four main aspects -

breath, strength, integrity and spirit.

Ana took her first yoga class at the age of 14 on a dare and became a certified instructor at age 18.

She created Forrest Yoga while working through her own healing from her life’s trauma – including physical abuse, drug addiction, epilepsy and bulimia.

During the month Ana is in Peterborough, she will also give readings from her book, Fierce Medicine: Breakthrough Practices to Heal the Body and Ignite the Spirit.