Woman whose car flipped into a ditch speaks about dangers of driving on rural roads

A woman who flipped her car into a ditch on a dark and rainy evening has spoken out about the potential dangers of driving on rural roads.

Friday, 15th November 2019, 5:00 am
The car which overturned on the B1043. Photo: Cambridgeshire police

The 24-year-old from Huntingdon, who did not wish to be named, was driving along the B1043 between Godmanchester and Offord Cluny in March last year when she lost control and overturned her Mini Cooper.

She recalls the moments before the crash.

“In the lead up to the crash I was driving along the road between Godmanchester and Offord.

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“It was dark, raining and slippery, but I was familiar with the road and had driven along it loads of times before.

“I was driving around one of the bends and was near the middle line of the road when I saw another car coming towards me. I realised they were also really close to the middle line and I felt my car touch the bumps in the middle of the road.

“At the same time, I panicked because I thought we were going to crash. So I pulled down too hard on my steering wheel to try and get back into the centre of my lane. But the slippery road took me straight off into a ditch.

“The car completely flipped over - afterwards I was left in shock. I was very grateful that I walked away unharmed because I know I was extremely lucky.

“This was my first accident; before it happened I was confident about my driving and never thought I would crash. I even had dreams about it for a while.

“In hindsight, I was probably driving too fast for the condition of the road and, although I wasn’t speeding, I should have considered the fact it was dark, bendy and raining which ultimately caused me to lose control.

“Since the accident I’ve slowed down a lot and I am so much more careful when driving along wet and windy roads. I feel much more aware of my driving and others on the road.

“My advice would be to slow down and think of others around you. On dark, narrow and bendy roads, you just don’t know what is around that corner so be cautious.

“Don’t panic when driving and don’t think you’re invincible.”