Wisbech as it was in Georgian times

the model and the group of volunteers who made it.
the model and the group of volunteers who made it.
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Wisbech is soon to have its own model village, or at least a model of the town as it was in Georgian times.

When the National Trust’s Peckover House opens its door for a new season on February 27, it will be with a new exhibition. With a scale model as its centre piece, the exhibition will explore the Wisbech of c.1795. Measuring 8’ by 4’, the model has taken a year to make and a lot of dedicated work, skill and imagination.

“Our team of 10 volunteers, who had no previous experience of model making, have been working on this model since last March,” said Diane Smith, the exhibition’s coordinator, “We have created more than 100 tiny houses, pubs, warehouses and shops, as well as fields and gardens. “It has been very absorbing and a lot of hard work and it has been fulfilling to see the model gradually taking shape throughout the year.”

For more on the exhibition, entitled, ‘A Georgian Town in the Fens’, contact Peckover House on 01945 583463.