WHALE LATEST: Thousands flock to Hunsanton beach

Thousands flocked to Hunstanton beach today to see the body of a 45ft sperm whale lying on the beach.

Sunday, 24th January 2016, 6:45 pm
Updated Sunday, 24th January 2016, 6:54 pm

The tragic death of the young male whale happened on Friday evening.

The ocean giant, which weighs around 30 tonnes, was swimming with three other whales off the resort when it became beached in shallow waters beneath the cliffs and just yards from the skeleton of an old boat that has laid on the shore for decades.

Blood was still dripping from the open mouth of the poor creature today. Water in the remains of the boat was a crimson red as hundreds of people pressed to get a close look at the remarkable 30ft long whale.

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The mood was respectful with most restraining themselves from touching the body. Coastguards kept an eye on the crowds, but unlike in Skegness where three other sperm whales, believed to be from the same pod that got into trouble in the North Sea, are also dead on the beach, there was no attempt to tape off the area or stop people approaching the body.