Met Office warning of snow for Peterborough

Peterborough city centre gets a light dusting of snow in February 2012. Photo: Ben Davis/Peterborough Telegraph
Peterborough city centre gets a light dusting of snow in February 2012. Photo: Ben Davis/Peterborough Telegraph
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Tuesday, 5.15pm update: A yellow warning for some snow in Peterborough and the eastern region remains in place for Tuesday night and into Wednesday with temperatures set to remain close to freezing until the end of the week.

The warning for snow across Peterborough and east of England is currently valid from 4pm on Tuesday (20 January) until noon on Wednesday, although the forecast is changeable.

Temperatures for central Peterborough are set to remain near to freezing with highs of 3°C by day and down to -1°C overnight over the next few days, but will be noticeably colder in rural areas surrounding the city.

Trevor Robbins-Pratt of put out an advisory note this morning: “There continues to be a risk for snow across the forecast area early hours wednesday morning.

“Guidance is still’ messy’, so the my forecast is that the forecast area will likely see some light sleet/snow at times probable leading to a dusting/light covering in places by dawn wednesday morning.”

The Met Office warning, updated at 4.30pm on Tuesday: “Outbreaks of sleet or snow are expected to extend northeastwards from parts of Wales across parts of the Midlands and northern England on Tuesday evening and night, persisting into Wednesday morning in places.

“Accumulations of 2-5 cm are likely in places, mainly above around 150m. In the south of the warning area, the snow is likely to turn to rain on Tuesday evening and overnight.

“It remains possible that this warning could be upgraded to Amber for a smaller area should confidence increase sufficiently.

“The snow should ease gradually through Wednesday morning. The public should be aware of the risk of disruption to transport.”

The Chief Forecaster’s assessment: “Details remain uncertain regarding the extent and amount of snowfall, in particular the northward extent of snowfall into northern England (indeed some areas may miss the snow altogether).”

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