We have been blessed in Peterborough

Father Adam Sowa MS, Parish Priest of St Peter and All Souls RC Parish, Peterborough

Monday, 25th December 2017, 6:00 am
Fr Adam Sowa

“When you live in Peterborough among such a diverse and unique Christian and Catholic community and beyond, Christmas celebrations takes on a new meaning every year.

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“We have been blessed here at All Souls parish with so many migrants from all over the world. They do not arrive here empty-handed. They bring their courage, skills, energy and aspirations, as well as the treasures of their own cultures; and in this way, they enrich the life of this English nation that receives them. Here I thank for creativity, tenacity and spirit of sacrifice of many countless individuals, families and communities of these isles, who open their doors and hearts to migrants and refugees, even where resources are scarce.

“This recalls to me the whole Christmas story, where Mary with her betrothed Joseph came to Bethlehem to bring forth her firstborn son, Jesus. As we see and look at it again this year may the power of this mystery touch each of us so that we may have enough grace to do the will of God and be called people of God, people of peace, and people of love and mercy.

“May you have a Blessed and Peaceful Christmas and a Happy New Year!