We do not that agree that Ortons are blighted - LETTER

As councillors for Orton Waterville ward we were naturally concerned to read the letter printed in the PT on 30th November (‘Who cares about residents living in the Ortons?’).

Saturday, 7th December 2019, 5:00 am
Previous graffiti at The Orchards in Orton Waterville EMN-160818-172707009

As we hope residents of our ward are aware, we are devoted to keeping Orton beautiful. While we welcome all feedback, we were very surprised by the tone of this letter as we do not share the opinion that our ward is ‘blighted’. On careful reading, we realised that the areas listed are in Orton Longueville ward, which we do not represent.

However, we know that councillors there are also working hard to address problems as they arise.

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It is rare that we receive complaints about graffiti from our residents as there is comparatively little graffiti here. However, where we do find graffiti, we work with residents and the owners of the property on which the graffiti appears to ensure its speedy removal where possible (please note that where it appears on private property it cannot be removed without the permission of the owner).

We appreciate that the correspondent’s routes through Orton seem to take him past graffiti, and urge him to contact his ward councillors (Orton Longueville) to discuss this.

We are very proud to represent Orton on the city council and thank all our residents for their part in making Orton Waterville ward a lovely place to live. We will keep our eyes open for graffiti and where we find it we will attend to it. If any residents of our ward wish to let us know about graffiti in their area we encourage them to get in touch with us.

Councillor Julie Howell and Councillor Nicola Day, Orton Waterville ward