Vote to win the Green Backyard a £10,000 solar power system from M&S Energy

The Green Backyard mark their fifth birthday ENGEMN00120141101164909
The Green Backyard mark their fifth birthday ENGEMN00120141101164909
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Votes are needed to deliver a £10,000 solar power system which would allow the Green Backyard in Peterborough to run its own café and stay open for much longer.

The community group run by local volunteers hope to win the prize from M&S Energy but need the public’s support before the September 30 deadline.

Currently, the green space site on the corner of London Road and Oundle Road has no power source.

But organisers hope that will change if the group is successful in receiving the five-figure grant.

In their submission form posted on the M&S Energy website, it states: “As a former allotment site we have no mains power whatsoever and we’d like to keep it that way.

“A renewable power source will mean we can run our café, making it the only off-grid, community owned eatery in Peterborough.

“We will also be able to welcome far more people to the Green Backyard, particularly during the evenings and winter months when low light levels means we have to shut the site even though lots of people still want to be there.

“We’ll be able to run electrical equipment to support our events and workshops, also giving us the option to generate an income for the charity by renting out the space from time to time. In short, we’ll use it for everything!

“And last but not least, having a solar array will give us the opportunity to shout about how amazing renewable energy is, not only to the thousands of people who visit us each year, but also the million plus people who pass us each year on the East Coast main line to London.”

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