Volunteers needed at the Green Backyard

The Green Backyard mark their fifth birthday
The Green Backyard mark their fifth birthday
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Volunteers are needed to help out at the Green Backyard environmental project.

The Fletton-based venue in London Road is holding a meeting for would-be volunteers on February 5 from 5pm and hopes to make these a regular event.

A spokesperson said: “We need lots of lovely volunteers to help us grow and prosper in the years ahead.

“As well as gardeners we’re going to need people to help with fundraising, organising events, outreach to schools and colleges, media work, and probably lots more.

“We’d like to grow the team of volunteers, and as part of that we’d like to hold a monthly meeting where all volunteers can exchange news, find about new opportunities, ask questions, and have their say.

“And, of course, we’ll be hoping to have some fun too. The meetings will initially be on the first Wednesday of each month, after the regular Wednesday volunteer day.”