Vital medicine is running out warns Peterborough charity with hospital in earthquake-hit Nepal

Patients camp outside Anandaban hospital
Patients camp outside Anandaban hospital
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Vital medicine to treat people badly injured in a devastating earthquake will run out in a week, according to a Peterborough charity with a hospital in Nepal.

Shovakhar Kandel, country leader for the Leprosy Mission Nepal, says aid is desperately needed after the 7.8-magnitude earthquake hit the country on Saturday and has so far left 4,000 people dead.

Patients inside tents in the hospital

Patients inside tents in the hospital

Mr Kandel, who is today (Tuesday, April 28) on the final part of his two-day trip to Peterborough, where the Leprosy Mission is based in Goldhay Way, Orton Goldhay, says people are flocking to the charity’s hospital near Kathmandu.

Mr Kandel is relieved that his family are safe following the earthquake, but his thoughts are focused on making sure that those who are less fortunate receive urgent care.

He said: “The situation is very bad. People are traumatised. It’s badly affected the nation.

“There’s no electricity, no proper supplies and there is a shortage of medicine and bandages. They will run out in a week’s time.

“The hospital is full but rescue teams are coming in so people will get basic things such as food.

“There is no other hospital nearby so we have set up a tent on the open ground. Staff are really busy providing medical treatment.

“The team is going out to villages where the most damage is to see if people need treatment.

“We have already treated 100 people directly affected and we now treat more than 200 people every day.”

Mr Kandel was in Jersey speaking at a church when he heard what was happening in his home country.

He added: “I could not believe that it had happened. When I heard that it was serious I began getting worried.

“My family are terrified but are safe and well. The area where they live was badly hit.

“I was due to go back on May 11 but I’m trying to go back on Saturday.”

To donate, visit the Leprosy Mission website.

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