VIDEO: Purrr-plexed! Huntingdonshire Tiger completely out foxed by cunning pumpkin

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A giant pumpkin grown by Peterborough based organic farm Riverford, for their annual Pumpkin Day, has now been donated to Hamerton Zoo, Huntingdon.

A video showing a tiger playing with the giant pumpkin has just been released.

The orange squash gives the big cat plenty of paws-for-thought. The striped feline can’t seem to make head nor tail of its now toy - which teaches the tiger who the real pump-king of the jungle is.

Verity Carter who helps run Riverford’s organic farm at Sacrewell said: “We deliver fruit and veg boxes to homes across Cambridgeshire and Huntingdonshire and at the moment pumpkin and squash are proving very popular with our customers. It’s great to see that the tigers at Hamerton Zoo are getting just as much pleasure from our organic produce!”