UPDATE: “Staff a real credit” to Hamerton Park Zoo after serious incident prompt emergency evacuation

Police at Hamerton Park Zoo today. Photo: David Lowndes
Police at Hamerton Park Zoo today. Photo: David Lowndes

Eyewitnesses have praised staff at Hamerton Park Zoo for their calmess and professionalism after a “serious incident” led to the evacuation of the ppark and closure today.

Eyewitness Jeff Knott, from Cambridgeshire, said staff had been “a real credit” to the zoo during the evacuation.

The 32-year-old told the Press Association: “We had been in the zoo since about 10.30am and heard/seen nothing until asked to leave about 11.45am.

“Staff were very calm and professional. All visitors around us were leaving in a very calm manner - no running, shouting or anything similar.”

Police and the air ambulance were called at around 11.15am to reports of what is described as a “serious incident” at Hamerton Zoo Park, Steeple Gidding near Huntingdon.

More details on the incident here...

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