VIDEO: “Probably the most dangerous driving I’ve ever seen.” Car mounts pavement and narrowly avoids Peterborough cyclist

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A Peterborough motorist has been caught on camera driving along a pavement and on the wrong side of the road before swerving back onto the correct side of the carriageway, missing a cyclist by inches.

In this latest footage, sent to the Peterborough Telegraph by reader Wayne Palmer, a small red hatchback can be seen on the right hand side of the screen driving along a city centre pavement at some speed before swerving across oncoming traffic, narrowly missing a cyclist wearing high-visibility clothing, before re-joining the correct side of the carriageway.

The footage was captured on Broadway in Peterborough in January this year (note the date and time on the camera were not set).

Wayne Palmer said: “In 30 years of driving, this is probably the most dangerous driving I’ve ever seen.”

It’s not the only case of motorists driving on pavements captured in Peterborough recently.

Peterborough City Councillor Darren Fower captured footage, attached, of a car driving along a pavement while on the bus recently.

It follows the newspaper highlighting a series of near-misses with pedestrians in recent weeks.

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