Rail officials promise regular checks on bicycle park

Part of a bicycle that seems to have been abandoned at Peterborough rail station.
Part of a bicycle that seems to have been abandoned at Peterborough rail station.
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A commuter has urged Peterborough railway station bosses not to allow their cycle park to become a dumping ground for unwanted bikes.

Regular rail user and cyclist, Amy Price says she has been angered by the number of bicycles, and even mopeds, that seem to have just been abandoned in the station cycle park.

She says not only are the abandoned bikes an eyesore, they also pose a danger to other users.

She said: “I have already injured myself on one of the bikes and it is only a matter of time before someone is seriously hurt.

“Surely they pose a significant safety risk.

“At any other station they would have been removed immediately. So why not here?”

She said she had contacted East Coast twice about the abandoned bikes and her injury, but had not received a reply.

She said: “At the very least I expect to be compensated for the damage to my trousers at £27.99, let alone the injury to my leg.

“I injured my leg tripping over the damaged bicycle which was lying on the floor as I walked past it.

“The injury was minor, but I am concerned about areas of Peterborough that we all have public access to, regardless of who owns the land.”

A spokesman for East Coast said: “We are looking into this customer’s complaints.

He added: ”We are working with the British Transport Police to arrange for the mopeds to be either collected by the owners or to be removed.

“We make regular checks on the station’s cycle facilities in order to prevent unwanted bicycles being abandoned at the station.”

He added: “As far as we are aware, abandoned bicycles have not been a problem at Peterborough railway station and the cycle parking facilities have proved very popular.

The spokesman added: “But it is not a simple problem.

“Cyclists do not have to sign in their cycles when they leave them, and there is no time limit on how long they can be left.

“That means it is not clear if a bicycle has been abandoned, or if the owner has just been away for a long period of time.”

In 2013, Network Rail and East Coast invested £3.3 million to improve the station, creating a new entrance canopy, better lighting along with new customer information boards.