Police lucky 'to be going home' after 3 separate lorry crashes in same stretch of A1 at Peterborough due to lack of 'attention' and 'rubbernecking'

The scene of the first lorry crash. Photo: @roadpoliceBCH
The scene of the first lorry crash. Photo: @roadpoliceBCH

There have been three separate crashes involving HGVs on the same stretch of the A1 at Peterborough this evening, Thursday May 10.

All three crashes took place at Alwalton, the first, in which a lorry tipped over, caused as the driver took avoiding action due to an "inattentive car driver." The driver recieved minor injuries.

A second lorry then left the road and ended up in a ditch due to the driver "not paying attention" and failing to see the queue caused by the initial overturned lorry. The driver was forced to take avoiding action and ended up in a ditch.

A third lorry then crashed into the police scene as officers were recovering the two previous HGVs because the driver was rubbernecking.

Police tweeted: "Thankfully we will all be going home tonight!"