Peterborough residents welcome repairs to speed warning signs

Residents in Hampton have welcomed repaired road signs in battle to tackle speeding that has blighted the community.

Monday, 10th January 2022, 4:58 am
Residents have welcomed efforts to tackle speeding in Hampton.

After residents in Hampton called for ‘more to be done’ following reports of speeding in the area, Cllr Nicolle Moyo has worked to get Vehicle Activated Signs repaired. 
The electric signs on Natures Way display a message or speed when triggered by vehicles travelling above the 40mph limit.

Cllr Nicolle Moyo said: “I have been invested in delivering road safety initiatives since the very first day I was elected by the residents of Hampton.

“I listened to residents’ feedback on the doorstep and their concerns which resonated with me so deeply because I have had similar experiences being a Hampton resident.

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“Living right in front of a school I have personally witnessed near misses, inconsiderate parking and individuals driving over the speed limit which is a safety concern in our community.”
Despite the latest repairs to the signs, residents are still calling for more to be done and suggested police involvement.

Cllr Nicolle Moyo said: “We are faced with several challenges including unadopted roads, a lack of resources and funding. Despite the limitations, colleagues and I have been able to push for a speed amendment order for Hempsted and Hampton East. We have requested road safety workshops to be carried out in schools across Hampton, we have requested to have Vehicle Activated Signs repaired and we have worked with developers to help make roads and parking in Hampton safer.

“It does not stop there, we are exploring the idea of a community speed watch, installing yellow lines in specific areas and always push for road adoption in a timely manner. Nonetheless, we welcome any opportunity to have enforcement officers present in Hampton.”