Peterborough commuters could save thousands more this year due to working from home under lockdown

Rail commuters from Peterborough to London are potentially expected to make even bigger savings from working from home thanks to the Government’s second lockdown restrictions.

By Andy Hubbert
Saturday, 28th November 2020, 5:07 pm

For the past seven months a large proportion of us in the UK have been working from home, which means commuting costs have been cut.

Peterborough commuters are calculated to be the biggest winners in the country, making a total saving of £4,661.30 based on season ticket sales and they could make further huge savings over the coming six months.

After initially encouraging people to return to work over the summer, on September 22, the UK Government announced that British office workers should work from home again, if they could.

Peterborough Railway Station. EMN-190825-104408009

With Prime Minister Boris Johnson estimating that these new Covid restrictions could be in place for the next six months, the financial experts at were eager to find out how much money UK commuters could save by swapping out their daily commute for a short walk to their home office or makeshift workstation.

Using the Trainline’s Season Ticket Calculator and information on the UK’s commuter towns, Bankrate were able to find out how much Brits could save depending on whether they previously bought a weekly or monthly season ticket.

Over recent years, an interest in London’s commuter belt has grown, as city workers look to enjoy the hustle and bustle of city life during the week and the relaxation of the British countryside at the weekends. Covid threats in urban areas and lockdown home working has driven even more city dwellers to look for the rural life.

Using a list of London’s most expensive, cheapest and best value for money commuter towns, Bankrate estimated how much London’s commuters could save over the next six months from September 22 by not returning to the city.

The savings are based on whether travellers previously bought a monthly season ticket costing £665.90 or a weekly season ticket costing £173.40. Even the more economical of the two season tickets would put the city’s commuters in the top ten biggest savers by not having to buy one.

Next is Wellingborough, where a weekly season ticket to London costs £167.00 and a monthly ticket costs £641.30. Over the seven months, this equates to a saving of up to £4,489.10 depending on the method of payment.

Across the 29 UK commuter locations analysed, on average, commuters who bought their tickets on a weekly basis could save £2,707.32 and those who bought monthly tickets have saved £2,399.42.

Passengers are reminded that, in line with Government guidance, they are encouraged to only travel if they need to. Passengers should wear a face covering, wash or sanitise their hands and maintain their social distance.

Passengers are reminded that reservations are required on all LNER services and Hull Trains and Grand Central passengers are also reminded that both operators have announced that they have suspended services during the national lockdown.