No late Whittlesey buses due to lack of funding says Stagecoach as campaign launches

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A campaign to improve bus services in Whittlesey is underway after complaints of a limited service and overcrowding.

Town councillor David Mason says he will take residents’ concerns to bus operator Stagecoach and is even suggesting that he might approach other bus companies to see if they will offer an alternative service.

Stagecoach was left as the sole operator for buses between Whittlesey and Peterborough after Judd’s Travel had its operator’s licence revoked.

Cllr Mason said: “The main issues are overcrowded buses in the early morning and lack of any buses after 6.40pm resulting in anyone wishing to travel after this time having to pay taxi fares of between £15 and £20.”

He added: “Whittlesey Town Council has given official backing to a publicity campaign to challenge the assertions of Stagecoach that there is no requirement or evidence to support improved bus services.

“However, the evidence supporting the need for improved services can only come from the general public, and if there is sufficient support for this campaign the findings will be put to both Cambridgeshire County Council and Stagecoach.

“I will also approach other bus companies with a view to their tendering in competition to Stagecoach should the public deem this to be necessary.

“This is your opportunity to make a difference. Please do not pass it up.”

Andy Campbell, managing director at Stagecoach East, said he was not aware of any overcrowding problems but would look into it if given specific times when it is an issue.

He added: “We used to operate an evening service to Whittlesey but the county council withdrew funding for evening and Sunday services.

“We tried an experiment to run it commercially but insufficient people used the service and it was not covering its costs.

“The county council probably do not have the money to support a subsidised service, but if it went to tender we would put in a bid. I’m happy to go to meetings and explain the situation.”

Cllr Mason can be contacted at the town council’s office at Grosvenor House, Grosvenor Road, or at