Long jams when ‘intelligent’ lights create a gridlock

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Angry motorists caught up in long traffic jams caused by new traffic lights on the A1/A47 junction at Wansford have hit out at the new works.

Drivers have had to add on more than half an hour to their journeys because of the new lights, which were installed on Monday.

A spokeswoman for the Highways Agency said the new ‘intelligent traffic lights’ were still gathering data about vehicle flow, and said delays should be reduced within a few weeks.

The delays have come after £593,000 was spent on the junction by the Government.

In the report released before the works were carried out, the Highways Agency said: “These improvements will provide increased capacity (two lanes) for the A47 eastbound through the roundabout. The traffic signals will help regulate the flow of traffic from the A47 and A1 through the junction. These measures will reduce the amount of traffic queuing from the A47 roundabout back onto the A1, and reduce congestion and associated safety risks.”

Jay Allsop, from Wittering added: “I remember the Castor Bypass opening and ironically I’m now choosing to drive through Castor (and Ailsworth) as it’s quicker. Since yesterday, I am also now taking an additional short detour through Sutton and joining the A47 a little closer to Wansford as this is saving time for me too. I’ve even considered travelling through Marholm, Bainton and Barnack and joining the A1 south just below Carpenter’s Lodge but then turning right across the northbound carriageway to get into Wittering is impossible anyway at that time of day.”

A Highways England spokesperson said: “We have worked hard to get the new A1/A47 Wansford roundabout layout open to traffic as soon as possible.

“The traffic signals are an intelligent traffic light system and will take a few weeks to calibrate and validate traffic flow data and adjust.

“The new signals were switched on on April 24 and we will continue to monitor to check the traffic signals are working with the flows of traffic.

“Drivers should notice a difference to their journeys but some are still adjusting to the new road layout.”