DASHCAM FOOTAGE: “Utter moron” narrowly avoids head on crash during dangerous overtake in Peterborough

The incident on Oxney Road yesterday
The incident on Oxney Road yesterday
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The “quick thinking” actions of a driver meant these drivers narrowly avoided a head on crash in a Peterborough residential street yesterday.

The footage was captured on Monday May 22 (note the time and date on the dashcam has not been set) as Richard Farr stopped his on Oxney Road in order to turn right in Meadenvale.

Mr Farr said: “I am indicating and I gesture the driver to go before I turn right. What follows next is unbelievable.

“A very nasty crash was nearly caused by utter morons in the passing car.

“Only by quick thinking of the oncoming car was a accident avoided.

“This video clearly shows why drivers in Peterborough must have a dashcam. It should be as natural for a driver to have as a set of keys.”

It is the latest example of poor driving in Peterborough. Just last week driving instructor Shujah Saklain captured the moment a lorry forced him to grab the wheel from a student during a lesson and steer off the road to avoid a collision.

The Peterborough Telegraph also featured an incident in which a car narrowly missed pedestrians on a zebra crossing.