Changes to ‘intelligent’ traffic lights on A47 at Wansford

Traffic congestion from the A1/A47 roundabout all the way back to the Castor bypass on the A47 EMN-150205-162919009
Traffic congestion from the A1/A47 roundabout all the way back to the Castor bypass on the A47 EMN-150205-162919009
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Traffic lights on the A47 at the junction with the A1 at Wansford will only be turned on during morning rush hour - and the sequence of lights will be altered following long delays on the road.

The traffic lights, labelled as ‘intelligent’ by the Highways Agency, have been criticised for causing long traffic jams in the morning and afternoon around Wansford.

Work will start on Tuesday, May 26 to switch the traffic signals on the eastern roundabout from full-time to part-time during the morning peak period only. The signal system will also be reconfigured to allow the A1 southbound exit and the A47 westbound to be on green at the same time when the signals are on.

Highways England Project Manager Martin Oliver said: “We have been working hard to find a solution to the A47 westbound queuing on the approach to the new A1/A47 Wansford roundabout. We now plan to switch the signals from full time to part time during morning peak times as a result of our monitoring of traffic flows since the traffic lights were installed on 24 April and of concerns expressed by road users.

“We have already started work on reprogramming the traffic light system and, starting next week, we will make the necessary changes to the system, including installing additional signs and equipment, before switching the signals to run part-time.

“We would like to apologise for any delays motorists have experienced and thank them for their patience while we continue to improve traffic flows at this location.”

The work, which will include installing additional detection equipment, reconfiguring the signal controller, and adding additional road markings and signs, should be completed by the end of the week. It will take place during the day outside of the peak periods, and will be carried out offline with no impact to road users.

Earlier this year the A1/A47 Wansford interchange scheme, which carries over 60,000 vehicles per day, saw the A47 widened and new traffic signals installed at the eastern roundabout to help improve traffic flow and safety for road users.

The £600,000 scheme was part of the Government’s £317 million pinch point programme, which aims to boost local economies by reducing congestion and delays at key locations on the country’s major roads.